Goodbar Vibrations

Thank you! You climbed the Mt. Everest of stairs that led to the Attic @ Goodbar in Buffalo's Elmwood/Buff State district and stomped the checkerboard floors with us as we blasted out the Noise. Did you get mesmerized by our trippy new reggae-inspired jam? Did you let loose to the power of funk within?

There's more fun to be had, of course. Set your virtual dials to 107.7FM and check us out on the Localized Show, Sunday Jan 28th from 8-9PM, and then treat yourself to a full EP download.

I will mention a…

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Kev nkay at the drumset3

New News is Good News.

Success! B.A.N.K. Noise polished off a pre-production studio session on Sunday after the fantastic night at Mohawk Place. Mark of Sound Garrison Studios has been studying his craft and giving us the straight feedback on some new tunes. Just amazing. We're all excited about getting our music into your heads & hands. If you haven't checked out our EP, go ahead and pick one up & also support your new favorite band live Jan 27 at Goodbar (above above). More soon... AJP/B-Noise

Vids for Kids

Yesssss. We now have more live video courtesy of the esteemed Alexander H. You can check it out right at the top of B.A.N.K. Noise Media. Let us know what you think, & do "the subscribe" if you like what you see on our ever-growing channel. Thanks!

Just wrapped up another practice in the Noise Nest, and it's been getting trippy. We return to stage Saturday, and who knows what will happen then. Will Nkay tear up floors of poured concrete? Will the entire stage float away in a wash of feedback and whammy…

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2018? We got that, too.

Nkay and the Noise Boyz are cooking more tasty treats for you - come get it. That's right, check the event schedule, b'cos we keep adding 'em.


Let me slow down a minute and thank everyone who braved the cold to see a super fun Christmas party with the Irving Klaws. How about the traditional Italian pop band Baci e Ceci? Nice moves from them, too. Special thanks to Alex, our friend who captured some nice pics and some quality video footage.


Keep your eyes & ears peeled for some new video posts, and…

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New Noise - We won't be refused...

Nkay just got back from Cali. Let's skip her tales of sunny cavorting, because if you're heading out to our next gig, you're in a decidedly darker, danker, though occasionally dapper(er) portion of the continental US. I wouldn't want to hear about it, either.

The great news is that we're back rehearsing and looking forward to our first weekend show. Tightening up the set & putting in some special material for ya (since this will be an Xmas party). There's a lot of fun to be had for just $5, so don't be…

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Believe the hype?


Thursday night show at Mohawk was off the chaaaain. OK, you're reading a post with a pro-band bias, but who can argue with a positive attitude?   

Go ahead, believe our hype. We appreciate everyone who made it out on a weekday for B.A.N.K. Noise and the rest of the bands. We pulled out virtually our whole EP live, and spiced it up with some funky new jams. Pretty sure Nkay has been working on her new footwork and special moves, so drop her a comment, too.   

And it was a treat to see man-myth Chuck…

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***B.A.N.K. Noise back live***

Fear that which lurks in the everlasting cesspool, the vestibule of rock also known as The 'Hawk.

B.A.N.K. Noise is coming back to hit you again in Buffalo's burgeoning downtown. It's gonna be Thurs Oct 5th (follow the Mohawk Place link above for directions), and we're getting pumped to perform a great set of tunes for you all.

Plus, Chuck Mosley will be joining us on stage. I can't speak with authority or 'scene' credibility on Mr. Mosley or his stint with Bad Brains/FNM, so I won't try. It's enough to…

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Huge thanks to everyone who came to see us on the 14th!... stay tuned while I update this lil' nugget - AJP/B.N.